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Rabobank Bedrijven

Rabobank is also the right place for international business.

Rabobank Apeldoorn en omgeving is one of the promotors of the Made in Apeldoorn book. A logical choice according to director Bedrijven Edwin Boekhorst. He explains why.

Connecting Entrepreneurs
Rabobank Apeldoorn en omgeving is one of the biggest Dutch Rabobanks. Edwin Broekhorst: “As a leading bank we have all the knowledge and expertise for entrepreneurs. We are market leader in all segments, such as small businesses, and food and agri-business. Our specialized teams allow us to differentiate, we strive for the highest customer satisfaction. This fits our ambition as a cooperative bank.”

“As a cooperative bank we think it’s important to connect entrepreneurs. In this book we connect the exporting entrepreneurs of Apeldoorn. The diversity of businesses in Apeldoorn is our biggest strength and of huge importance to our region’s economic development. For us it was a logical choice to take initiative with a number of other local partners to make production of this book possible. By working together and networking we can make Apeldoorn even stronger. You might go faster alone, but you get way farther working together”, according to the enthusiastic Edwin Boekhorst.

International business at the Rabobank
When they wish to do international business, entrepreneurs are at the right place at the Rabobank Apeldoorn. “Wherever in the world entrepreneurs wish to do business, we support it. If it’s about importing, exporting, or opening a foreign office. Entrepreneurs can use our knowledge, solutions and connections in over 120 countries. My colleagues at the International Desks bring entrepreneurs in contact with trustworthy local partners. They have an extensive network of lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, local authorities and partner banks”, according to Edwin Boekhorst.

The Rabobank offers:

  • Over 600 offices abroad,
  • International Desks in seventeen countries for Dutch clients,
  • Support for businesses in all sectors and company sizes,
  • One point of contact at the local Rabobank.

If an entrepreneur wishes to start importing, exporting or a company abroad or run into difficulties navigating the forest of laws and rulings, the Rabobank is there to support the entrepreneurs, so they can do what they love to do: business.