Marieke op de Weegh & Jan-Willem Vos

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RCT Gelderland

Stimulates innovation

The RCT Gelderland foundation, standing for Regional Centres of Technology Gelderland, operates since 2016 in the whole province of Gelderland. It is a provincial foundation run by businesspeople from the whole of Gelderland and funded by the province of Gelderland. The businesspeople have appointed seven innovation agents, active in all regions of the province. Their mission is to support the manufacturing industry in the transition towards a smart and sustainable way of work and production. 

Marieke op de Weegh and Jan-Willem Vos work in the Regio Stedendriehoek out of RCT Gelderland. They focus primarily on manufacturing and IT companies. They visit these companies and start working on their (innovation-related) questions by connecting them with other companies or knowledge institutions. They furthermore organise the innovation agent meetings, company visits and think along with regard to the financing of the innovation projects.

In the past year, both innovation agents have cooperated on 'Made in Apeldoorn'. A significant portion of the some twohundred companies have been interviewed by the innovation agents. The reasons are obvious. Questions may exist in exporting companies, answers to which could be found within companies or knowledge institutions in our network. Give and take between the company with the question and another company is then possible. The expansion of our network is always nice and other companies can profit from it now or later.