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As part of VNO-NCW, PUM has been an international network since 1978 where volunteers with business experience share their knowledge with new entrepreneurs in developing countries. From the Netherlands, over 1,300 volunteers are active in this network. In addition to the business community, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides support.

Matchmaking Volunteer Assignments

PUM has built up networks in the currently selected 37 countries that provide a continuous stream of assignments, often via the 145 representatives in those countries. These projects are assessed and the Dutch advisor who best fits the assignment is selected. The advisor is generally sent to the respective country shortly thereafter. Such a mission lasts on average two weeks, during which the volunteer conducts research, consults with the applicant, and assesses what is needed to make the assignment a success. During the Corona period, a large part of the advice continued online.

Despite the fact that these are volunteers, the activities are not without certain obligations. Quality requirements are imposed on the advisors and each assignment is evaluated with the commissioning organization, in which the volunteer is also assessed.

Tourism Advice

One of these volunteers is Rudi ter Heide, who earned his spurs in the tourism sector. He worked with the ANWB for a long time and then spent a decade in Zeeland. His last position was VVV director in the Veluwe. He has used his experience in this field for 8 years to help boost tourism in developing countries. Rudi: "The assignments were very diverse. It could be that the assignment comes from a local government. For example, I spent two weeks on a remote tropical island in the Philippines with the mayor, discussing how to improve tourism through better cooperation. I was also in Indonesia, Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia, and it was almost always about more guests. My last jobs were in Armenia where I helped several travel agencies to optimize their travel offers and marketing."

Rudi ter Heide now has the role of PUM ambassador. He sees great opportunities for PUM in Africa, a continent on the rise. 

Active countries: mainly Africa, Asia, and South and Latin America. Advising in 36 sectors.