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Ohmann Leather

In 1934 the Ohmann company was set up to supply leather to shoemakers in North Brabant. Mr.Ohmann died during the Second World War and his only employee moved the company to the centre of the country, to Apeldoorn. We talk with his grandson Han Brocken, who now runs the company, about the development of Ohmann Leather. The firm is a market leader in the supply of leather to the middle and top echelons of the sector. It has a workforce of nine.

Ohmann Leather no longer supplies shoemakers. Today the company serves two markets, upholsterers and furniture repair companies on one hand, creative interior specialists and architects on the other. The leather is sourced from cattle in Europe and South America and is tanned in Germany. A substantial volume of stock is retained in Apeldoorn, to guarantee quick delivery. Some 100,000 meters a year are supplied to firms at home and abroad. Ohmann has furnished a showroom for architects in Amsterdam, together with partners, where the beautiful and unusual uses of leather can be seen and experienced.

Applications extend far beyond the furniture industry. Nowadays, there are leather floors and stairs are being clad in leather. A new innovation is the leather wall, made up of leather tiles. A special sort of leather is used which is available in more than 50 colours. This is attracting a lot of interest from the catering industry and private clients.

In addition, Ohmann is involved in the furnishing of trains, planes and ships. Trains operated by both the national NS rail company in the Netherlands and rail companies abroad have been fitted out with Ohmann leather. Various airlines have also used it in their planes.

Exports currently account for 40% of Ohmann Leather’s turnover; leather goes to Germany, Belgium, northern France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia and England.  Managing Director Han Brocken expects exports to Eastern Europe to increase in the future because the market there is expanding. The first steps have been taken; export to Poland has begun.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland, Australia and England