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The Oude Velthuis family established OVSoftware in 1972. This family business that currently has the second-generation Oude Velthuis family members at the helm was one of the first software companies in the eastern part of the Netherlands. OVSoftware has grown into a group of businesses where almost 200 professionals work in total. In addition to Apeldoorn, the company has offices in Enschede, The Hague, Raalte, Amersfoort and Munster (Germany).

Distinguishing factor   

OVSoftware’s strength is designing, developing and maintaining bespoke software solutions for commercial businesses and the government. As a full-service IT provider, OVSoftware specialises in developing software systems with Java and .NET technology. In that regard, OVSoftware is one of the leading players in the market. For the salad producer, Johma, AI was implemented to anticipate better changing consumer behaviour at unpredictable moments. By combining various historical data with publicly available data such as the weather, an AI model was developed to forecast the next weekend with barbecue weather, for instance. This model has resulted in more targeted production, ultimately leading to a reduction in the disposal of products with a shorter shelflife. OVSoftware has been known for over 25 years on the other side of the border in Germany, and today they also provide support to customers in Belgium. For Descroes, a Belgian company specialising in degassing and decontaminating shipping containers in large ports, OVSoftware improved the scheduling and certification process. The result was increased efficiency and reduced administrative costs. This greenfield project was brought into production after only six months! OVSoftware employees are highly educated and are not afraid of a challenge. ‘We always provide a solution, no matter how complex. We don’t stop until our customers excel in their respective markets with our support,’ director Mark Wolffenbuttel explains.

Spin-off businesses within the group

Through their constant focus on innovation, many smart solutions have been designed for specific branches over the years. To keep that targeted focus, in-house spin-off businesses have been set up that are still part of the main business group. Docdynamic offers advice on document management solutions. RGB+ has been launching software solutions on the market for the transport and logistics branch since 1999. Simacan develops products that integrate real-time traffic information into primary company processes to improve applications that use this type of spatial data (location, traffic, logistics).

The future

OVSoftware expects to double in size in the next five years. This growth will primarily come from the continued marketing of existing and new innovations.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium