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The origins of Mytri, a fine company producing granite-based precision instruments, date back to 1957. In those days, Mytri was a trading business whose products included lightbulbs for funfairs. As a result, the erstwhile owner, Mr Nijhuis, could regularly be found at Philips in Eindhoven, where he came into contact with geometric measuring instruments. It was there that he first saw a granite slab, also known as a surface plate, from Germany. This product was not manufactured by any business in the Netherlands, and he saw a challenge in developing the surface plate for the Dutch market. He took on this challenge with both hands and succeeded in transforming flat granite plates into highly durable precision instruments (thanks to the characteristics of granite). And that’s what forms the basis of the business today!

Precision measuring instruments

The current owner and director, Gert van den Brink, entered the business in 1990 and took over the company from its former owner in 2011. Mytri manufactures precision granite surface plates, run-out testers, measuring beams and parallel rulers, steel squares and other essential components for various measuring equipment. And all this within every imaginable level of measurement accuracy. The technical management’s expertise of this top-class business is based on over 35 years of experience with precision granite.

Besides measuring equipment, more and more precision parts are manufactured for machine construction applications by this Apeldoorn-based company in recent years. These include processed granite parts for milling machines and optical measuring equipment.

A diverse customer base

Mytri delivers locally and abroad to a wide range of customers, including clients from the machine industry, injection moulding companies, film manufacturers, precision graphic engineering businesses, and many others. The company is mainly specialised in smaller formats but sometimes works closely with a partnered company in Germany so they can consistently deliver a full range of products. Reliability in terms of quality but also delivery and service are critical for Mytri.


Mytri has been exporting its specialised measuring equipment to companies in numerous countries for many years. The business has developed an extensive network, and Mytri maintains that network with care! This is essential to guaranteeing continuity in the business. Their presence at the most important international trade fairs is also crucial in that respect.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, and to a lesser degree, Denmark, UK, Czech Republic and Poland.