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The Moekotte Engineering and Installation Group has its origins in Enschede and was established in 1966 by H.R. Moekotte. Today, the Moekotte Group, with locations in Enschede, Hengelo, Apeldoorn, Veendam and Münster (DE), is a key player in the fields of electrotechnical and mechanical installations, industrial automation and panel and modular construction. Moekotte approaches the market through its various divisions, Water & Infrastructure, Industry, Buildings and Energy. Its customer base includes leading businesses from a broad range of industries: from environmental and maritime to chemical industries, from paper to food and pharmaceutical sectors, and from machine construction to water boards and public utility companies. Some 250 professionals work at Moekotte.

Moekotte’s business activities can be globally classified into three successive processes: engineering, installation, and service and maintenance. The Moekotte family business maintains a close relationship with its customers and aims for long-term relationships.  As a result, its employees are fully informed about the customer, their processes and their needs. This facilitates communication, shortens lead times and helps create a true ‘partnership’. The German site in Münster is another distinguishing feature, from which professionals work to service BASF Coatings and other manufacturers in the region.

Moekotte’s strength is that many different disciplines come together under one roof. Mechanical construction, electrical engineering, and production management go hand in hand. This makes Moekotte an attractive choice for carrying out multidisciplinary projects. Many existing customers are located in the northern and eastern parts of the Netherlands. In Twente, the focus lies on industrial applications (food, machine construction and logistics) for both site-bound installations and production installations. Moekotte is a proud long-term partner of well-known businesses such as Grolsch, Bolletje, Vredestein and Panasonic.

From their location in Apeldoorn, customers in the central Netherlands region are serviced, with a focus on industry and water and infrastructure. The site’s commercial manager, Erik van den Brink: ‘... from our offices in Apeldoorn, we also carry out plenty of work for water boards and water utility companies. For both this group of customers and our industrial customers, working sustainably has always been a focus within Moekotte. Through engineering, installing, servicing and maintaining production installations, we are taking steps to contribute to a more sustainable and circular world.’

Moekotte’s ambition is to expand its activities beyond its existing regions.

Export country:  Western Europe