Henry ten Hove

Modeltreinen Atelier Apeldoorn | Henry ten Hove

Website: https://www.modeltreinen-atelier-apeldoorn.nl/

Modeltreinen Atelier Apeldoorn

Ever since he was eight years old, Henry ten Hove has been passionate about model trains. In 2018, he turned his hobby into a full-time career, and in July 2021, he opened the doors of his model train shop, Modeltreinen Atelier Apeldoorn, on the Stadhoudersmolenweg 58-B.

On his eighth birthday, Henry was given his first model train. Since then, he has been mad about model trains, a passion that he still shares today. Whenever Henry had a spare room in his house, he turned it into a train room. Later he moved to a home with an attic that he converted into a space entirely devoted to his trains. His career was spray painting, among other trades, but trains were always his greatest passion. In 2018, he took the plunge and started his own full-time business.


What is it that makes Henry so addicted to those trains? ‘That you can create something from nothing, an entire landscape with all sorts of moving parts.  And it’s so much more than just trains; moving cyclists, floating boats, true-to-life landscapes. You truly bring something to life. I construct about three to four different tracks each year, starting with the design process. Together with the customer, often a private individual, we design a track, or rather a scene.’ Henry then gets to work with his partner, Bert van der Lugt Melsert. Bert makes sure that the trains run with the help of the most modern technical innovations, and Henry focuses on designing and building the landscapes and the railroad tracks.

Shop and atelier

The building consists of an atelier measuring 200 square metres. This is where Henry spends most of his time. ‘I’m always busy constructing the scene. I also manage the shop on the side, which I enjoy doing as well. I often have engaging conversations with customers in our coffee corner. That’s how we come up with new ideas for beautiful designs.’ The shop features everything you need for your model railroad track, from locomotives and miniature figurines to moss for the landscape and railroad tracks.

‘Each assignment presents a new challenge, and I learn something new every day. That’s what makes this work so great.’ His background as a spray painter is also helpful. ‘I do a lot of airbrush work to bring the scenes to life.’ The customers mainly come from the Netherlands, but he also receives orders and assignments from abroad.

Export countries: Benelux, Germany, Hungary, Spain