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Gebroeders Mendel

In 1960, Teun Mendel started his business in the production of cutting tools for the rattan industry, which was primarily located in Germany back then. It wasn’t long before his brother, Renger Jan Mendel, partnered up with Teun. The business quickly expanded with the manufacture of rattan processing machines.  When the production of rattan materials was relocated to the Far East, Mendel switched to cutting his own rattan and semifinished rattan products for the traditional handmade rattan furniture industry.  The current owners and Teun Mendel’s sons, Tonny and Hans Mendel, managed to keep the business running until the start of this century, when they started specialising in the import and export of rattan, wicker, and other related products.

The enormous store of knowledge gained from manufacturing cutting tools and production machines has made Gebr. Mendel to a leading specialist in rattan semifinished products to this day.  Gebr. Mendel has built a solid international reputation with the high quality of their products and materials. Thanks to their extensive network, knowledge, and expertise, they deliver the finest in rattan, paper cord, bamboo, webbing, and seagrass semifinished products to clients, including the furniture industry.

Mendel is a major player in this niche market in the furniture industry. The products are ordered via established and trustworthy suppliers in the Far East, some 20 shipping containers each year. These are mostly stored in the Apeldoorn warehouse, where 80% of the stock is then delivered to European customers. These customers include dozens of furniture manufacturers, but also restoration businesses, interior constructors and designers, educational institutions, hospitals, and the hobby sector.

The latest trend: scented sticks

A relatively new product in their assortment is rattan sticks for scented sticks. The demand for this product has recently skyrocketed, but it turns out that it is not simply a hype; it has become a permanent addition to the range. The brothers are proud suppliers of retail chains such as Rituals and Zara Home. With the long supply source lead time of this product, the brothers keep relatively high levels of these materials in stock so they can supply their customers quickly and efficiently.

The future

Both brothers expect the business to continue to grow steadily. However, too much growth is not ideal at this stage, as the business remains dependent on an adequate supply of high-quality rattan. Tonny and Hans hope in that regard that Indonesia, a prime source of rattan, will lift its ban on the export of certain types of rattan semifinished products. This would open up many opportunities for the future.

Export countries: Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean region & and North Africa