Robin Bijdevier en Martijn Klein Brinke

Lettix | Robin Bijdevier en Martijn Klein Brinke



Since its establishment in 1988, Lettix B.V. in the Netherlands has grown into a critical player in the production, assembly, packaging and sterilisation of medical and non-medical supplies. The company has at its disposal a production location with a clean room in Apeldoorn and a trading operation (Vision Medical Company) in Uden. Over 40 professionals work together to produce and deliver medical and non-medical supplies.

Lettix has a vast and in-depth assortment with over 800 different products. These products vary from dispensing systems, cotton wadding, compresses and disposable tools to custom-made procedure sets. Lettix’s main strength is that it can make bespoke items in small quantities. The company has short lines of communication, making it highly flexible. The customisation takes place under its brand name, Lettix, and under a private label for large international parties.

Each day, their products are produced and indirectly supplied through Lettix customers to hospitals, care institutions, GPs, private clinics, pharmacies, home care organisations, ambulance services and veterinarian clinics. Lettix can deliver any single-use materials for sterile or non-sterile use.

Unique: made in Holland

What makes Lettix unique is that the production takes place in the Netherlands. For instance, Lettix is one of the few assemblers of small custom-made procedure sets in the Netherlands. For many Dutch and international customers, the made in Holland label guarantees quality. It’s also convenient to have a manufacturer close to home instead of far away, such as in Asia. For example, in the early days of the COVID pandemic, dressings for abdominal wounds could no longer be supplied from China. The production site in Apeldoorn was able to pick up production for this item. The assortment also contains highly specific tubing systems for oncological equipment. These find their way across the globe through a customer in the Netherlands and Italy.

Their customer base not only includes medical customers; they also have customers from the food industry. Safety and hygiene are key factors in this sector as well. For example, a custom-made Lettix tubing system is used to collect milk samples for the cheese industry.   

Expansion into Europe

Lettix is a well-known name in the Netherlands, and the goal is to promote the brand name further in Europe. They also have all the required certificates and are geared to anticipate changes in future legislation, making Lettix ready for further growth. The current production location is big enough to accommodate this growth in the near future. However, a larger site may be needed to keep meeting the increasing demand in the long term.  

Export countries: Direct: Belgium, Germany & Italy and indirectly to the rest of the world.