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LEM Holland

LEM Holland was established in 2010 by Ted-Jan Jaspers and Jan den Bouwmeester. Both founders have more than 25 years of experience with professional laundry machines. These are often automated washing installations measuring ten metres or more where laundry is washed, pressed, dried and folded on a large scale. The company’s speciality is the revision of existing laundry facilities to give them a second long life.

The new premises at the Weegschaalstraat offers over 1,500m2 of operational floor space and is fully equipped with the latest equipment and tools. From here, second-hand machines from around the world are bought and revised for on-site turnkey delivery. Maintenance, repair, and service are provided to customers worldwide from Apeldoorn and carried out with ‘Dutch’ precision and planning.

All over the world

LEM Holland’s expertise is relatively unique on the global stage. That is the reason why they are often approached from all parts of the globe. Jan: ‘wherever laundering takes place on a large scale, you will find our machines. This varies from laundries, large hotels and hospitals to cruise ships. Every purchased machine is completely dismantled, revised and reconstructed by our team. The price of a revised machine is usually only half the new price of a machine, and we provide a warranty on our machines. Our strong reputation in the branch ensures that we receive requests from all over the world. We carry out some 50 to 80 revisions each year, both big and small.’

Some of these projects are quite unusual. For example, some of the largest hotels in the world in Las Vegas are LEM Holland customers.  Sometimes a laundry machine on a cruise ship needs to be replaced.  An opening is then made in the ship’s shell plating to remove the laundry machine, and once the new machine is replaced, the plating is welded back on again. LEM Holland also carries out inspections and provides consultation services. This means that they sometimes have to hop over to the other side of the world as they did recently to inspect a laundry facility on a cruise ship lying in port in Vancouver, Canada.

The company’s growth comes from delivering quality, meeting expectations and providing personal attention and service. Most new customers come to them through word-of-mouth advertising, and in some countries, the business works with agents that actively promote their business in the local market.

Export countries: 60 countries across the globe in all continents, including Europe, the Middle East, Isreal, the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the Caribbean