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Veritex was founded in 1933 as an artificial leather factory. Today, Veritex is also specialized in the production of films, foams and coatings with reinforcement membranes, knits, and fabrics. The products are supplied semi-finished on rolls to customers for further processing into final products. Veritex employs over 30 people.

Diversity in Applications

The applications of Veritex products are numerous. Veritex's director, Mark Huisman, provides various examples: furniture upholstery, wheelchair upholstery, upholstery in trains, buses, and cars, tent canvas, sports mats, rainwear, and inflatable advertising objects like finish arches. Huisman on upholstery in cars: "We now only supply the artificial leather as edging for the car mats, but I can think of all sorts of products in a car that we could also supply." 

The company size of the customers also varies enormously: from one-man businesses to large multinationals. Huisman indicates that the automotive industry is an important market: "We supply almost all major European car brands indirectly."

The market for Veritex's products is very competitive. As a small family business (turnover approx. € 6 million), Veritex can easily compete with the largest competitor (turnover € 1 billion). Huisman: "We deliver much faster: 3 weeks instead of 10 weeks, think much more along with the customer and communicate directly. That is highly appreciated alongside the high quality of our products. And we do all that for a competitive price."

Growth Abroad

Veritex is ready for further growth. Huisman indicates that the growth will primarily come from abroad. Currently, 60% of the turnover already comes from export. The customers of Veritex often supply worldwide, so you can literally come across the products of Veritex anywhere.

It is always a surprise where the new turnover comes from. For example, Veritex has been supplying many products for rainwear for several years. But the turnover in sports mats and train seat upholstery has also taken off. These kinds of successes are achieved, in addition to continuous efforts by the sales team, on the one hand by cost-saving investments in production machines and on the other by new product developments.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Morocco, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal.