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Royal Talens

In the centre of Apeldoorn sits the Royal Talens head office and paint production facilities. Royal Talens was established in 1899 by Marten Talens and is currently one of the top three global suppliers of fine arts materials. They have been the proud owner of the ‘Royal’ predicate since 1949. Well-known Royal Talens brands include Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Talens ArtCreation, Amsterdam, Cobra, Bruynzeel and Sakura.

Craftsmanship and innovation

When you walk through the Apeldoorn factory, you will see combination of craftsmanship and innovation. First, traditional craftsmanship in producing the high-quality paints and soft pastels and then the automated filling and packaging lines and the state-of-the-art distribution centre. In Apeldoorn, over 225 employees are involved in the development, production and sale of more than 6000 different articles.

The number of employees who work indirectly for Talens is even greater. The packaging is done by 13 sheltered workplaces in the region. Royal Talens is also highly active in the social sphere. The Royal Talens Foundation provides support for dozens of projects in the Netherlands and abroad each year that promote participation in the arts and the development of talent.

From Loving Vincent to The Peasants

Royal Talens is growing rapidly. They are not only an excellent manufacturer but also a strong marketing business.  Their strong focus on innovation and new product development, but also their high level of service and the amazing projects they create makes Royal Talens a favoured supplier in the industry. It’s worth noting that the Oscar-nominated film Loving Vincent from 2022 will be followed up by another large production: The Peasants. Just like Loving Vincent, this film will be a fully hand-painted production, for which no less than 12 oil paintings need to be created for each second of film – this time with solvent-free Cobra oil paints.

One last tip from Royal Talens: "Get your international customers here and make an experience out of it. We have so much to offer! For example, we organise visits for our clients to our partners, Het Loo Palace, the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum. In this way we deepen and strengthen our relationships. People do business with people. "

Export countries: 103 countries worldwide