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Website: www.kiwatechnology.com


Kiwa Technology, part of Kiwa N.V., is an independent thinktank for energy and water. Historically they worked on gas applications in Apeldoorn. Director Kees Kooijman: “You really need to be with us for questions regarding gas technology. If it’s about gas quality, safety, distribution or innovative applications. We not only give advice, but we also own a laboratory where we can build and test. We also do certifications, but through a separate Kiwa company.”

More and more international

Kiwa Technology has a revenue of about 10 million Euros. Most of this comes from the Netherlands, but the foreign share is expanding (about 20%). Clients are mostly cable companies, energy companies, energy consuming industry, gas device manufacturers, housing associations and authorities.

Especially in Germany they know how to find Kiwa, especially the manufacturers of gas devices. But also American companies who want to export to Europe. They contact Kiwa to get their devices adjusted for the Dutch market and to get them certified in the process. Kooijman adds: “We are becoming more and more international. We have clients in Israel and India since a few years. Both countries are transitioning from coal to earth gas.”

Kiwa has various offices abroad, of which in England, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and Spain. Kooijman: “Thanks to our foreign offices we are able to quickly enter a country and we have a better view of the local markets. We did a project in Italy through our network a few years ago, thanks to our specific knowledge about gas leaks.”

Sustainable innovations

Kiwa is involved with various innovative energy applications, such as Power-to-gas. Can you transform electricity to hydrogen or methane? During a demonstration project in Ameland, Kiwa researched the impact on the network and the appliance. Kiwa Technology is also involved with BMW’s new prototype hydrogen car. As a BMW partner, Kiwa supplies a security system which transforms a surplus of hydrogen in the tank to vapor. “We are at the doorstep of a transition to sustainability. This gives us huge opportunities and we love to use our know-how and experience for this,” according to Kooijman.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, England, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, USA, Israel, India.