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KIM Nederland: A company with inspiration!. KIM Nederland B.V., which stands for Koel Isolatie Maatschappij, is a nationally operating insulation company with the specialization of building conditioned rooms, cooling and freezing cells in the food, distribution and transport sector. 85% of these projects are being built in the Netherlands.

KIM is a family business, the company was started in 1968 by dad with the traditional isolation of cooling and freezing cells. Son Han Reinders is now at the helm, since that time the company has developed into a leading specialist in insulation construction.

When we ask his son, Han Reinders, about the main characteristic of his company, he says: "We are a company with inspiration!"

KIM has 70 permanent employees, in addition there are additional forces that are used when needed. KIM is a specialist builder in cold and freeze house construction and insulation construction, which works together with the entire building chain from the structural contractor, architects to the end user.

KIM has never used a conscious export strategy. During the crisis years, the company looked more consciously across the border, but even then it were Dutch partners who introduced them to customers in: Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Morocco. This led to beautiful projects, which are still being looked back on with pride. In Rheine, KIM built the largest fully automatic cold store in Germany for a large investor. In England, it appeared that KIM is building a distribution centre for a renowned supermarket chain in eleven months with a Dutch construction contractor. The British Conconegaísí took eighteen to nineteen months. The experience of working abroad shows that KIM can often build more flexible compared to their foreign competitors. Reinders has also learned that working abroad is more pleasant than in the other: we like to work in Scandinavia, because in terms of culture it looks like the Netherlands.

Export countries: Duisland, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Morocco