Laurens de Graaff, Jeroen van Bussel en Gert Veldhuis

JENG IoT | Laurens de Graaff, Jeroen van Bussel en Gert Veldhuis



JENG IoT B.V. was established in 2018 from a partnership between Apeldoorn entrepreneurs Jeroen van Bussel and Gert Veldhuis. They decided to venture out together in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. IoT is a frequently used term used in various applications; it involves connecting ‘things’ such as machines, appliances, buildings, and people through new technologies. This generates a wealth of data and information that can be stored and analysed. This analysed data, in turn, leads to better-informed management decisions and optimised processes.


Soon after the business was established, recycling company Van Gerrevink came to them with a practical issue. They discovered that some of their containers sometimes went missing. This problem comes with a high price tag: an open container costs between 6,000 and 7,000 euros and a compactor up to 20,000 euros. Moreover, these containers cannot be insured against theft. Three other container companies joined the venture to share the development costs.

JENG’s solution was a tracker that uses wireless IoT networks (LoRa, NB-IoT etc.). The advantage is that you need very little power, no more than a standard car key, which means the batteries can last up to 10 years. Furthermore, the trackers are protected by vandal-proof fibreglass casing. But the development doesn’t end there; JENG supplies the software as well as the hardware. Through an in-house designed dashboard app, companies can track the locations of their containers and easily schedule transportation accordingly, saving the companies involved a lot of time and money. Interest from the local and international container market is high. The company is expected to equip some 50,000 containers with this solution over the coming years.

Smart City

JENG also provides plenty of solutions for governments. These include solutions in smart parking, groundwater solutions, asset tracking (LBS), monitoring fill rates for waste containers, flood detection, monitoring liquid levels, counting passers-by, cyclists, vehicles, etc. Every solution comes with a unique online dashboard environment. JENG creates these environments with the IoT PaaS platform from their partner, Yodiwo.

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Scandinavia