Jack Liemburg

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Website: www.jacksart.nl


Jack Liemburg has been an artist and performer of modern art for over 10 years. In his own unique way he translates themes from everyday life to big linen canvasses. Colorful creations with a lot of recognizability emerge based on his own feelings and mindset. His initial style had a lot of similarities with Cobra, these days Jack developed his own style using a combination of (his own) photography and paintings.

Freestyle work and commissions

Jack produces both freestyle work as well as commissions. Yearly production is about 200 to 300 canvasses. These find their way to individuals and the past few years more and more to international art traders. His work can also be found in more and more inland- and foreign galleries.

From making a small piece of art for a private customer to commissions by famous Dutchmen as Max Verstappen and Danny & Daley Blind, it does not matter to Jack: he enjoys each piece of art he gets to make. Corporate identity, color, pictures and inspiration by the commissioner are transformed in a very personal piece of art.

Business trips and workshops

Remarkably Jack makes room for workshops in his 800 m2 big atelier on the Wednesday- and Friday afternoons. Under his professional tutelage students will learn how to use their own creativity to produce a personal painting. On request Jack will give performances for groups of individuals and companies as a business trip.

Answering the question ‘where is Jacks art in three years’, he responds: “I don’t know! This is a tough question for an artist. A company, for example, can have a goal of 10% more revenue. An artist can’t plan his own inspiration. I produce different art than a few years ago and in three years I might be producing something totally different. What I always like is big pieces. One time I was asked to produce a big canvas of 3 by 10 meters for a trade mission to China. I also think it would be fantastic to completely restyle a Formula 1 car sometime or have a go at shirts of famous soccer-clubs in the Netherlands”.

Export countries: Qatar, Oman, United States, China and all European countries of which, Italy, France and the United Kingdom as most important.