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IMAGEM is situated on the Deventerstraat in Villa von Zeppelin. The company and owner and CEO Wouter Brokx help customers solve complex spatial problems with geospatial data-driven software solutions

Today, the company with its 21 employees has a customer base that includes 30 percent of all Dutch municipalities, 50 percent of the provincial boards and 70 percent of the country’s water boards. The Ministry of Defence and the police are also important customers. IMAGEM develops in-house solutions for customers and solutions based on software from their partner – and the world’s leading player in geospatial-data analysis – Hexagon.

Significant added value

One example of such a customer-specific solution is the Schouw M.App. This is a waterway inspection management system specially designed for water boards to partially automate waterway inspections.  This monitoring process used to be carried out in person. Which amounted to a three-month full-time job for some thirty employees. This was brought back to one month with five employees, thanks to IMAGEM’s solution, which makes smart use of satellite images and artificial intelligence. 

Large project in the USA

IMAGEM is currently involved in a large and prestigious project with Hexagon for the United States Department of Agriculture. Via a webshop module for geographic data such as aerial photographs, tens of thousands of American government employees and farmers request maps of land parcels in the United States every day. Maps of every piece of land in the United States can be requested and accessed through this system.

The future

The company is growing rapidly thanks to a growing demand for solutions requiring IMAGEM’s innovative technology and approach. Wouter Brokx’s ambition is to develop long-term partnerships with customers and contribute as a business to relevant solutions that increase the safety, liveability and sustainability of our society.

Export countries: Mostly the Benelux, and countries such as the United States and France