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ITS is the European market leader as a manufacturer of household packaging. The company processes, among other things, aluminium foil, cling film, microwave foil, parchment paper and coffee filter paper. Her customers are supermarket organizations and cash & carry companies. ITS produces both in the customer's own brand and in its own brands FITS and PROTEX.

Western Europe

Approximately 150 employees currently work at the family business in Apeldoorn. Together they generate a turnover of approximately 80,000,000. 90 percent of this is exported. Director-owner Hans Hogeveen: "From our warehouse in Apeldoorn we export to all countries in Europe, from Finland to Greece. We deliver more than 1,800 products in various sizes, thicknes, lengths and processing methods. ITS has a good market share in most Western European countries, but has the ambition to increase its market share, particularly in Germany and Italy.

Hogeveen is proud of the cooperation with partners such as Mercadona in Spain. At Mercadona we are an integrated supplier. You do not just become this, but once you do it, it is for the long term. They too are a family business. We have had a very inspiring collaboration for 15 years. In this the consumer is put in a central way in a special way; the consumer is the boss and must be satisfied in every way.

Innovative machinery

For the production of household packaging, ITS has an ultramodern machine park of wrapping and packaging machines. Much is invested in innovations. For example, the company has developed an (almost) fully automated production process for all product groups. From the beginning of 2017 ITS has an extrusion line to produce polyethylene cling film itself.

The year 2017 is perhaps the most exciting and exciting year in our history in terms of innovation, "says Hogeveen. We recently started using a new fully automatic packaging machine for the catering rolls. The development of this was particularly challenging due to the large variety of products and the smaller production volumes. It is now possible to process different packages and sizes of catering rolls on one machine. Only with these kinds of innovations the manufacturing industry will continue to have a good future in the Netherlands too!, Hogeveen says enthusiastically.

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