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In the late 1990s, Niels Hensen started his own IT company to service the IT management needs of businesses. When one of his customers with hundreds of workspaces grew so big that they had to start using a data centre, Niels discovered that data centres could only be found in Amsterdam and not in the region. ‘That’s odd, why can’t we have one closer to home?’ he wondered. And so, in 2007, he set up his first data centre in Deventer: ITB2. The data centre quickly reached its full capacity processing data for several customers. After more than two years of preparations and construction, a second data centre was opened in 2013 at the Ecofactorij in Apeldoorn.

Support services business

Niels sees his company first and foremost as a support services business. Niels: ‘We provide continuity, security and data access to all our customers. Our clients are very diverse, varying from local IT businesses that supply cloud computing services for local SBEs to large international corporations and government agencies. We are proud of our many contacts in the region. 

Short lines of communication and commitment

ITB2 Datacenters’ organisation is a flat structure with short internal and external lines of communication. At ITB2, a customer is a not a number; they’re a name and a face. The staff knows every customer and their specific situation. ITB2 is focused on long-term customer relationships where technical and organisational reliability plays a key role. Since ITB2 Datacenters was established, there has never been any production breakdown at either of the two sites.

International recognition

ITB2 received a fine compliment from an internationally operating customer. For their activities, this customer chose four data centres after an intensive screening process to house their IT environments. These data centres are located in Tokyo, San Francisco, New York and Apeldoorn. Niels: ‘We were honoured to be among this group of global hubs, and things got even better when the customer indicated that they were most satisfied with our data centre in Apeldoorn. The quality is top of the line, we always deliver what we promise, our procedures are clear, and our security is always in order.’

Greenest data centre in Europe

Another distinguishing feature is the extremely low energy consumption. The Apeldoorn data centre is entirely designed using the most sustainable and energy-efficient technologies. ITB2 surpasses their mostly American colleagues in that respect. 

Export countries: direct to New Zealand, Canada, and indirect to dozens of countries on all continents of the world