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Civil engineer Henri Bloem felt that the presentation of new-build real estate products could be significantly improved and professionalised through new technology. And so, in 2013, he established his own business, Impress3D. Today, Impress3D has developed into an agency with four people with cutting-edge work in the real estate presentation and promotion field. Their services include artist’s impressions, virtual and augmented reality presentations, 3D animations and scale models.

Their customer base is highly diverse, with project developers being the most important customers. Impress3D’s biggest strength is that its team consists of young and enthusiastic civil engineers. This facilitates communication with project developers and other construction parties; they speak the same language.

Fast and professional work

A new-build project has to be sold, and an effective online and offline presentation is crucial for generating sales. Impress3D’s work sells, which is why renowned developers such as BPD, Heijmans, COD, Volker Wessels and Dura Vermeer like to do business with Henri Bloem and his team. Besides quality, being able to work quickly is also a distinguishing factor. The work often has to be done quickly, and with their short lines of communication and flexible team, Impress3D always manages to deliver on time.

Specialist in scale models

One of the first large assignments was for Hospitainer. This remarkable company from Vaassen builds entire modular hospitals from sea container units. Almost like LEGO pieces, these units are linked together to form a mobile hospital for use in emergencies and other applications. Impress3D was asked to build a scale model for a new-build hospital in the Middle East (and later Africa). Over the years, building scale models has developed into a house speciality. One could reasonably say that Impress3D is leading in the Netherlands in this field. That is why Belgian developers also know where to find Impress3D for their presentation needs.

Another great project was for the Talpa media network.  When renowned radio DJ Edwin Evers left his radio programme, he was given a scale model of his radio studio as a parting gift by his employer John de Mol. The high publicity around awarding the scale model, which was televised live, led to new assignments.

The future

The company’s focus lies in working for project developers. That is their main strength, and they would like to develop further in this field. Many projects have come through references and a strong online presence. Moreover, additional efforts will be focused on sales. Their collaboration with Belgian project developers has given them a taste for more.

Export country: Belgium