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HYCOM is an Apeldoorn-based business that has been in existence since 1974, with roots dating as far back as the 1940s.

HYCOM is a spin-off from the company Werklust, which was specialised in the production of earth-moving equipment. One of Werklust’s company divisions started in 1947 with hydraulic activities.

In the 1970s, a separate division specialising in hydraulic systems was established: HYCOM. HYCOM grew and started to service an increasing number of markets, such as the aviation industry and civil engineering construction projects. HYCOM continued to be a part of Werklust until 1986, when a management buy-out allowed HYCOM to spread its wings even further and expand its services.

In 1983, a tender was set out by the Dutch government for 52 new hydraulic test vehicles as part of the ground support equipment for the preparation and maintenance of their F-16 jets. These jets were the Netherlands’ pride, purchased ten years earlier by the Royal Air Force (RAF). During the Power Transmissions Fair in Utrecht, the RAF’s eye fell on HYCOM, and they were ultimately given the order. For HYCOM, this formed the basis of their significant market share in the aviation sector.

Today, HYCOM is among the leading businesses in hydraulics and can be found across the globe in offshore and offshore wind activities, the dredging industry, machine construction, civil engineering, and the aviation industry.

HYCOM offers a complete package of services and products as a hydraulics specialist, from a single part to entire installations. HYCOM is responsible for the technology, installation and service.

Since January 2013, HYCOM is a member of the HYDAC International Group, providing the business with a comprehensive range of components from a renowned supplier. With the addition of their sister company and electronic hydraulics specialist ELMA BV to the group in 2019, HYCOM now operates as a full-service business. HYCOM: everything under one roof.

Export countries: worldwide on all continents