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Houtkubus was established in the late 1980s by the father-in-law of the current director, Rienk den Hollander. Over the years, the family business has expanded to encompass three locations. Besides the Apeldoorn-based location on the Kayersdijk, the company also has offices in Elst and Gaanderen. A total of about 50 employees work at Houtkubus.

Houtkubus has over 1000 types of flooring in its range.

Houtkubus delivers and installs parquet, cork, laminate, linoleum, PVC, herringbone and hardwood flooring. These can be installed in various widths and designs. The wooden floors can be finished in various ways to produce any desired flooring. And of course, this includes an assortment of cleaning and maintenance products for flooring materials such as cork, linoleum, hardwood and laminate.

Houtkubus’ main strength lies in its craftsmanship. This starts with advising the customer. Rienk: ‘Our sales staff in the showroom know the art of installing floors from experience. We give honest advice on what is possible and when something’s not possible. So there will be no nasty surprises for the customer later on. We say what we do, and we do as we say.’ This craftsmanship is also reflected when the floors are installed. The Houtkubus team is highly experienced and skilled.

This craftsmanship has led a steadily growing stream of customers to Houtkubus. People from the local area and often further afield know where to find Houtkubus. This goes for both individuals with a limited budget and people who are willing to spend a bit more. For instance, Houtkubus has plenty of orders from Het Gooi. The fact that Houtkubus was recently asked to install wooden floors for the royal palaces, Paleis ‘t Loo and Paleis Noordeinde, deserves an honourable mention.

They also supply flooring to businesses. Houtkubus is a permanent partner of a nationally operating hairdressing salon chain; all 130 branches have been fitted with quality flooring from Houtkubus. One particularly noteworthy customer group involves insurance companies. They work with district offices, which are further expanded with Houtkubus flooring. Customer trust in Houtkubus is high with this group of customers.

The future

Today, the third generation is learning the ropes at Houtkubus. Rienk wants to continue to expand his business during his career as a director. Rienk: ‘We strive for national coverage. With three additional offices in the country’s western, northern and southern regions, we can serve our customers even better.’

Export countries: Belgium, Italy and occasionally other countries