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Hollander Techniek

Hollander Techniek is a technical service provider specialized in electro technics, robotization and industrial automation for retail, industrial and building technology. “We are a system integrator. We have the know-how to integrate many systems together: from electricity plugs to software implementations for complete factories.” Ann-Jaap Deinum, senior Business Consultant Industry is talking.

Hollander Techniek is a family business, started in 1974 in Apeldoorn with Erik Hollander at the wheel. The company has over 400 employees at the moment and a revenue of about 88 million euros in 2016. Besides the main office in Apeldoorn, you can also find them in three other A-locations in the Netherlands: Almere, Amersfoort and Almelo. Hollander Techniek still has a strong connection with the Apeldoorn region. They are involved in initiatives like the Energiefabriek Apeldoorn, Apeldoorn IT and Cleantech Apeldoorn.

International projects

Hollander Techniek does work all around the world through their mainly Dutch clients and business partners: from Belgium and Germany to India, China, Russia and Mexico. Deinum: “At the moment we are renovating a complete chicken farm in France for ISA and in combination with Pas Reform. Hollander Techniek is responsible for electrotechnical and mechanical engineering installations.” But also Ahold-Delhaize is a regular client of Hollander Techniek for rebuilding their shops in the Netherlands and Belgium to their new formula. “We are able to minimize the downtime of the shops by integrating techniques and prefabrication.”

Player in the background

“We work for consumers and big businesses, with completely different problems. These huge variations demand a huge flexibility to anticipate on the client’s needs and questions. Hollander Techniek is not always well known in the outside world, we usually play our part in the background. We search for the best solution for the client, but this is not always visible.” As an example Deinum gives an order for the Van Gogh museum, using instore analytics Hollander Techniek analyzed how visitors move through the entry, where they gather needlessly and which spots are not used much.

Hollander Techniek’s focus for the future? “Data-driven, ” is what we put our money on. This goes for all markets: national and international: if it’s about production processes in the maker industry, instore analytics for retail or domotica for healthcare.”

Export countries: Western-Europe