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Holland Colours

A colourful SME-multinational. Holland Colours Apeldoorn was founded almost forty years ago by a number of former employees of BASF. The company is publicly traded. The employees participate in the company and collectively possess about 25% of the shares of Holland Pigments, an investment company based in the Netherlands which in turn possesses the majority of the shares of Holland Colours NV.

Some 400 employees work for the company worldwide and the turnover is about 80 million euros. Besides the main location in Apeldoorn, locations also exist in Indonesia, Hungary and the United States, as well as additional sales offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico.

Holland Colours develops, produces and sells solid and liquid colour concentrates for colouring, among others, plastics. The solid colour concentrates look like granules and consist of a given concentration of pigment (paint) and a binding agent, a ‘carrier’. Plastic is in principle colourless and can be coloured with pigments. A pigment, however, has the form of a powder, which means it produces dust and its applications often does not lead to the right colour. Furthermore, the proper mixing of the pigments with the plastic during the production process is of great importance for the uniform colouring of plastics. These problems are avoided with the use of colour concentrates.

Next to colouring plastics, the pellets have also other properties. Sometimes they block light, which makes the content of a plastic bottle last longer. Besides pigment pellets, the company produces concentrated colour pastes which are used, for example, in the production of silicon sealants.

Holland Colours started at some point with the painting of PVC pipes. In the meantime, the company has gained a significant market share in the market for packaging. By this we should think of Tupperware containers, milk bottles and water bottles. Besides packaging, Holland Colours is active in the construction world, where, next to PVC pipes, it also works on painting flexible PVC flooring and plastic frames.

The greatest share of the total turnover comes from customers in Europe, North Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, America and Australia. Next to its own in-house staff and salespeople on the field, the company also works with agents and distributors. Holland Colours will continue to grow worldwide in the foreseeable future.

Export countries: Europe, North Africa, South Africa, Middle East, Asia, America, Australia