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Hetraco B.V. was established in 1972 by Herman Hendriksen. He started by selling turned, die-cast and bent products to industry and machine manufacturing companies from his home. The name Hetraco B.V. is an abbreviation of Hendriksen Trading Company.

In 1982, Kees Eindhoven took over the Hetraco B.V. business. He shifted the focus to the chemical and offshore industries. These sectors required fast delivery of special bolts, nuts and studs. To meet this demand, Mark Eindhoven started his own manufacturing company under the name Dutch Bolting Company BV.

Dutch Bolting Company BV, better known as ‘DBC’, is a modern machine factory that acts as a manufacturer for Hetraco B.V. Since its establishment by Mark Eindhoven, both businesses are situated in the same building. DBC specialises in manufacturing bolts, nuts and studs and all kinds of fixtures made to spec. With its extensive range of thread rolls (Metric/Metric Fine/UNC/UNF/BSW), DBC has become a key player in the European market. This range, combined with a standard lead time of one week and a very high level of quality, makes DBC unique.

Mark Eindhoven also acquired Hetraco B.V. in 2004, creating the ideal combination of purchasing and selling market-available fastening materials with the in-house production of ‘specials’.

Since then, Hetraco has experienced enormous growth. The team consisting of 30 employees produces and delivers non-standard fastening materials, turning/milling products, pressed products and bending work.  These are manufactured on demand for the offshore industry, oil and gas corporations, the maritime sector and the equipment construction sector. The business works closely with its customers, constantly focusing on innovation and process improvement to better serve its customers. On the other hand, customers act as ambassadors for Hetraco by actively promoting and referring their networks to the business.

All customer-requested products are delivered any time, on time at the customer, right up to same-day deliveries. Besides quality, flexibility is one of the reasons why many customers keep coming back to Hetraco. About 30% of their customer base comes from abroad, and this continues to grow every year. Many of their customers operate around the world, and products are often delivered at location.

Export countries: all continents, with the EU as the most important region. Important export countries are: Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Finland and recently India