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Hestex Systems Group

The Hestex Systems Group was founded in 1976 in Apeldoorn as Hesta Standbouw BV. Today it has grown into an international player in fairs and exhibitions in both systems and wood.
The company designs, develops and manufactures exhibition systems, exhibitions, showcases and displays for more than 40 years. Hestex is also active in the retail and (exclusive) interior design sectors. In addition to the headquarters in Apeldoorn, Hestex also has branches in Germany, Hong Kong, China, Bonaire and from 2018 in the USA..

Speed ​​and scale size

Management Member David Saint Nicolaas is the second generation in this family business.
David: "Our vision is based on realizing (convention) presentations in the most efficienct, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way. Through innovation and far-reaching automation, we can realize stock market presentations ranging from 9m2 to 40,000m2, turnkey.
All building parts go to the location in predefined units and have barcodes to follow from beginning to end. Our speed is unique, as well as the fact that we account for the total range, from drawing table to end result. We are therefore proud to be a supplier of stock exchanges such as RAI Amsterdam, Rotterdam AHOY and MECC Maastricht.
Hestex's developed and manufactured aluminium stand-up systems are used not only for rental but also find their way in buying for more than 1,000 customers worldwide. All this goes through the branch in Germany. In addition, 1,500 to 2,000 showcases are manufactured on a yearly basis, which can be found in many retail chains in Europe and abroad.

Innovative future

There is still much to do for Hestex. David: " On many conventions we see that construction and disassembly time is shorter, so we are constantly working on innovative solutions to speed this process up. A few examples; our patented Heelpaneel construction technology, which enables us to reduce the build-up and disassembly times of complete exhibitions and events by 50%, a new stand-up system that quickly builds up cloths and looks like solid woodworking and the development of a stand configurator that allows convention buildings and organizers to help their customers more efficiently and thereby reduce office pressure.

Exporting countries: whole Europe, Middle East, Central Africa, Australia, Asia and South America