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Haco Tail Lift Parts

HACO Tail Lift Parts is a specialist and supplier of spare parts for all tail lift brands. The HACO brand has developed its own line of high quality alternative tail lift parts, which are 100% interchangeable with the original.

Started about 30 years ago, from a flat in Apeldoorn and a workshop in Ede with the revision of tail lifts. Now there are 30 employees and HACO in Apeldoorn-North is in a building with more than 2500 m2 warehouse and has the largest stock of tail lift parts in Europe. In 2015, David Hunink and ÷ mer Ersan took over the board in the company. Both have been working at HACO since the beginning of their career.

With now having 8 million euro revenue, HACO exports more than 75% of its components.

HACO carries over 4000 products (90%) under its own label. David explains: "With 10 different tail lift manufacturers in Europe, each of which have their own models, with a new version every 4 to 5 years, there are a lot of different products."

HACO is proud of their massive product and material knowledge. They have their own knowledge centre where all HACO components are developed and tested. There is a strict entrance check of all components to ensure quality. Our own name is on there, so we want to know the product. "HACO is constantly developing new developments. We are now busy with radio graphically remote control. In addition, we are always keeping up with the new models of tail lifts.

Our customers are mainly wholesalers in truck and trailer parts. They often did not have tail lift parts yet, because it is quite specialized. The tailgate manufacturers mainly supply body fabricators and not wholesalers. A beautiful niche for us. We are the ideal partner for them, because we have all the brands under one roof and only employ specialists. And they are interesting for us because of the volumes and their distribution network. We are currently supplying the top 6 wholesalers in Germany.

The export is growing: 9 years ago HACO was only active in the Netherlands. Meanwhile we are in the EU, Russia, South Africa and Australia. The growth is currently in the German speaking and Mediterranean countries. "

Ambition: In 5 years time HACO wants a 25% market share in all countries of Europe.

Export countries: Europe, Russia, South Africa, Australia