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Gedizo (Geen Dier Zonder) is a first-generation family business. Gedizo originated in 1996 from the needs of calf-breeders to supply small amounts of corns for wellbeing. This was not possible due to the limited shelf life, so they decided to do it themselves by airtight packaging of the corn and trading it.

This led to quick growth resulting in us stopping the care for our 1000 calves and focusing completely on Gedizo. At the moment the company has 2.500 customers throughout the whole of Europe and the Middle-East.

Director Wouter Bronkhorst: “At the moment we do supply more than just corn. The assortment expanded to mixtures of corn, press pulp, brewer’s spent grain, mixtures of roughage and concentrated food, and chopped straw. Thanks to extensive automation we can make mixtures using machinery and produce packages of various sizes (varying from 10 to 1000 kilos) quickly. 500 tons is being produced and traded on a weekly basis. About 30% of which, is meant for export.”


Gedizo took over Flevostro in IJsselmuiden in 2013. Large bales of straw are produced here together with straw-pellets. Customers are mostly end-users, and sometimes a reseller. Many customers were gained during conventions and trade-days. Mouth-to-mouth advertising caused a quick expansion in the number of clients.

A new location of 6.750m2 is constructed in Nieuw Milligen at the moment. Flevostro’s location will be integrated here so Gedizo will have all its production under one roof. The current location at the Veenkamp 11 will be rebuilt to a milk-sheep company including the production of sheep-cheese.

Second generation family business

Gedizo also has ambitions abroad. Gedizo buys a lot of straw from France, processes it here and exports it to France and Italy. Wouter: “We are casually looking at moving production there, but first we need to finish the new building, we will see what happens after that. Continuity is most important for us. We are a family business with six employees. My wife and 2 sons and my brother-in-law also work in the company. We want to leave the business in best shape possible for the next generation. We work hard for that”.

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, Romania, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Suriname, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Canada.