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Feltest Equipment

Feltest Agencies was set up by father-and-son team Niek and Marcel Lensvelt. As commercial representatives, they supplied paper machine clothing to the paper industry in the Benelux. As part of the sales process, fabrics were measured a lot, for thickness, tension and water content.  Most measuring instruments used were not really suitable for the paper industry, however, which led to frequent breakdowns. Marcel, an engineer, thought he could design something better. His father did not see any real business prospects in the idea, but his son persisted and set up Feltest Equipment BV in 2008.

Feltest Equipment designs and assembles measuring equipment in-house and also produces tools that enhance occupational safety in the paper industry worldwide. Because of a sharp focus on its niche market, Feltest has become a world leader in the measurement of these fabrics, also known as paper machine skin. The company is continually growing and now employs five people. Feltest’s goal in the next few years is to increase both its turnover and its workforce by introducing new, smart, measuring instruments and offering online services.

What is remarkable about this small company is that exports account for 99%. Only a handful of orders a year originate in the Netherlands, most of them from Eerbeek. This is mainly due to the low number of paper factories in this country, about fifteen. Products are exported all over the world; turnover is fairly evenly spread across Europe, North and South America and Asia. The company exports to more than 70 countries, including China and Japan. Feltest has no direct competition, which means the added value for customers has to be explained fully. As a result, marketing and communication has a high priority within Feltest and is why it takes part in trade fairs and conferences for the paper industry all over the world.

The extensive export and global reputation enjoyed by a company with only five employees is maybe its greatest achievement thinks Marcel Lensvelt: “That such a small company as ours now annually supplies 7% of all the paper factories in the world is something we can be proud of”.  

Export countries: more than 70 countries, mainly Europe, USA, Chile, Brazil, China, Japan