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Full Force Sports Group Academy

Since 2016 the complex of Wegener has transformed from newspaper publisher to international sports campus. International education and sports are being combined in a surrounding where a student athlete can develop himself in both areas. What started out as a sports campus has today, in 2021, grown into a residential student campus where students can combinate their study with sports.

FSG Apeldoorn is a unique concept based on the three key pillars for the career of a student-athlete: Sport, Education and Life Skills. These pillars are incorporated into a custom-made programme to create the ideal environment for student-athletes.  Diversity is an essential feature on campus. 30 nationalities who learn with and from each other in all facets of life.

FSG works together with parents, teachers, trainers, coaches, sports clubs and host parents to create an environment fully geared towards student excellence. The unique Dutch cultural sports environment makes it possible to practice your own sport in a club setting where you can instantly integrate into a team at your level. A fitting balance is sought between training moments, competition matches, and study. This all takes place in our RMTC (Regional Multi-sport Talent Centre).

Regional partnerships

For both the sports programme and the lesson programme, FSG works closely with regional partners. This results in a complete range of educational offerings thanks to arrangements with various local and international schools.  It is essential that each talent works towards a diploma or degree in addition to developing excellence in their sport. The very top is hard to reach and not for everyone. In that case, students will have a diploma or degree to fall back on. These partnerships also extend to various sports clubs in the regionhere student-athletes can practice sports with professional guidance.  An added benefit is that we can help reinforcing the level of the clubs. On the campus there are various sports medical companies and apartments where Dutch and foreign talents can stay.

Global Football The Netherlands

The FSG Academy has its own football academy, Global Football The Netherlands. Talented students follow a 3 to 12-month sports and lesson programme. A maximum of 32 students are taken in each month. What is remarkable is that various students have already moved on to national and international professional football organisations. You will find former students at clubs such as Real Madrid, Malaga and FC Porto.

Export countries: worldwide with a focus on Asia and Africa