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Elis Apeldoorn is part of a large international concern that actively takes care of clients' safety and hygienic needs. They do this by supplying products and services varying between company and safety clothing lines to industrial absorbents, cleanroom clothing, cleaning mats and hygiene products.
45.000 employees in 28 countries together produce a revenue of 3.4 billion euros. Within the Dutch group of 11 offices, the Apeldoorn site with its 60 employees is responsible for the cleaning of cleaning cloths, absorption mats and work gloves.

Always the right cleaning cloths

Elis’s clients who use this service can count on availability of their cloths on their location. The cloths are always of the right quality and targeted at the client’s activities. All used cleaning cloths, absorption mats and work gloves are returned to Elis. De cloths, made from re-used fibres, mostly find their way to the graphic industry, garage companies and metalworking industry. Elis operated nationally for a long time, but the export part of the revenue is growing strongly. More and more shiploads (around 10 per week) of cleaning cloths come to Apeldoorn through foreign offices, amongst others.

Successful sustainability

Sustainability is very important at Elis. All cleaning cloths (250,000 daily) are cleaned using environmentally friendly processes. All oils and fats from the cloths, absorption mats and work gloves are recycled as fuel for the cement industry. Its own water purification installation makes sure that only a small amount of extra water is needed. All water is cleaned in a closed-circuit system and reused. Residual heat from the afterburner is used for heating the building and machines. Their strive for sustainability is not only limited to the machine park. The human resources policy is strongly focused at sustainable employability. This causes a high amount of loyalty amongst employees and leads to a long period of working time at the company.

Emiel Falk, General Manager of the Apeldoorn office, expects the revenues from abroad to grow even more: “We are leaders in sustainability in the Netherlands, but also in Scandinavia. This is becoming a growing prerequisite to be successful during tenders. The excellent sustainability is why the Dutch Defense department recently chose for Elis”.

Falk expects that the international market will follow soon in their demand for sustainability: Elis is completely ready!

Export countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Great Britain.