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ESA is located in Apeldoorn in the Veluwe, an area that initially had little arable land. Nevertheless, farmers were able to build sheds and keep calves on the sandy soil. The meat processing industry developed as a result. The ESA veal production facility is one of the largest and most state-of-the-art slaughterhouses and veal-processing companies in Europe; about 400 employees currently work at this site.  

ESA is a member of the VanDrie Group, a family business and world market leader in veal products. The VanDrie Group constitutes a fully closed production chain in the veal sector: from calf selection to the in-house production of feed, the care and supervision of the calves and stockbreeders, right up to the slaughter, processing and sale of the veal products.

Wide assortment of veal products

ESA produces and sells both veal, rose veal and young beef. The veal products find their way to wholesalers, retailers and the catering and meat processing industries.


Richard Vonk (Operational manager) is proud of ESA as a speciality slaughterhouse because they can genuinely deliver everything within the veal product range. ESA is also a highly flexible meat processing facility, with multiple product groups and types of products that are truly unique within the market. The family business culture and pride in this tradition distinguish ESA as a business.

Market developments

The international market for animal protein continues to increase. There is also a growing demand for information, tracking and quality control of the animals. To this end, ESA uses a quality control system that follows the entire supply chain, from calf birth to the sale of the final product. For instance, by scanning a QR code on the package of a PetersFarm product (an ESA brand), you can see images of the animals in the stall where the calf was raised.   

ESA's challenge lies in maintaining the workforce in the long term. The company strives to achieve this by measures such as being a good employer. Environmental regulations with regards to odour, treatment, legionella and so forth are also becoming increasingly important. ESA aims to significantly reduce water and energy consumption and strives to keep gas usage to a minimum; their cooling systems are already used to generate heat.   

ESA likes to stay in touch with the outside world. That is why interested parties are always welcome with any questions they may have.

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