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Elizabeth Louise Hutjes had been suffering from inexplicable health complaints for many years, for which no medication seemed to be available. With her medical training, Elizabeth started her persistent search for possible causes and solutions to these complaints. During her search, she discovered the importance of minerals in the body. She came into contact with the mineral supplements from Eidon®.

Eidon® Ionic Minerals was established in 1996 in the United States by Rick Wagner. Like Elizabeth, this successful entrepreneur was dealing with chronic health complaints for which no solution could be found until he discovered by chance that the cause of his symptoms was linked to a mineral imbalance in his body. Rick Wagner took this discovery one step further and hired a team of scientists to design mineral products to improve his health and the health of others. He developed a line of mineral supplements that is unique in the world. What makes this line unique is how easily the supplements are absorbed by the body and the purity of the additive-free products.

After her symptoms disappeared, Elizabeth decided to make it her mission to help others with what she had learned about minerals. In 2015, she established Energy Life & Health and became a European distributor for Eidon® mineral supplements. Elizabeth’s first step was to publish the knowledge she had learned in book form.

This book, The Synergy Between Minerals and Important Physiological Processes, provides the reader with a wealth of scientifically based information about the cause of chronic mineral deficiencies. It clearly describes how essential minerals can best be taken as a supplement for the body to make optimal use of those minerals. When working with minerals as a food supplement, it is important to realise that ingesting one mineral can directly or indirectly impact the functionality of other minerals. And minerals do much more than just that. They are essential for producing substances in the body such as antioxidants, minerals, proteins, enzymes, fatty acids, and hormones.

Elizabeth shares her knowledge through her book and workshops for healthcare professionals. As a result, hundreds of health professionals refer their clients to the eidon.nl website, and this has led to thousands of customers – or rather, fans. Elizabeth: ‘I love to hear how much this information means to the health of the people who order my products. It is my mission to continue to help others in the Netherlands and abroad with my services.’


Export country: Belgium, occasionally other countries in Europe