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Saietta | Edgar Ooijman

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A superb, innovative technology company with international appeal, Saietta develops complete electric drive systems for (city) buses and lorries. It was established in 1981 by Arjan Heinen. He designed a wheel hub motor called TheWheel, an electric motor which is fully integrated in the wheel. This has huge advantages as Sales Director Edgar Ooijman explains: “TheWheel consumes hardly any energy, is 15 per cent more efficient than other electric drive systems and more than 60 per cent more efficient than a diesel drive. In addition, a bus with our technology produces no harmful emissions and is more comfortable due to the absence of engine noise and vibration.”

The direct wheel drive motors are now mounted in many European buses “City buses and lorries are currently the most interesting applications. Governments want clean city transport and direct drive is the most suitable solution, not only in the Netherlands but throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The focus is on installing the motors in new buses, although in the short term diesel buses can be converted to electric power to increase market impact.”

Under Chinese Wings

The growth market for Saietta is China. “The e-mobility market there is much further developed than in Europe or North America. In China, more than 450,000 buses are manufactured annually - at least ten times more than in Europe - accounting for 80 per cent of the global market demand.”

Innovation Centre in Apeldoorn

Despite the developments in China, Saietta's R&D and technical support departments will remain in Apeldoorn, as will the production of the in-wheel electronics. More than 60 people work at the head office in Apeldoorn. In recent years the focus was on R&D, but this has now shifted to sales. e-Traction is ready to take on the world.  

Export countries: Europe, China, India, North America