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Volleyball club SV Dynamo is a prestigious Apeldoorn-based volleyball club with almost 700 members. The club was founded in 1967, and their clubhouse is based in the Omnisport Apeldoorn sports complex in the Dynamo Café.

The club is ambitious and strives to play at every national competition level. The first men’s and first women’s teams have been playing at a very high level, including the highest level in the Netherlands. For 32 years, the first men’s team has been a constant presence in the Eredivisie, the top Dutch competitive league. The first women’s team has also played multiple seasons in the country’s top division.

Dynamo’s flagship is undoubtedly the first men’s team that has been performing at the highest national level for many years under professional guidance. The colourful pennants gracing several walls in their home court reflect the many championships that the first men’s team has claimed. This includes the thirteen national titles, ten national cups and eight national super cups they have won over the decades.

The club is also active on the international scene. Since the 1991/92 season, Dynamo has almost always participated in European competitions and has played a total of 134 international games. Over the years, the club has travelled all over Europe to defend its Apeldoorn colours. From Norway to Turkey, from the Azores (Portugal) to far into Siberia (Russia), and from a warm Tenerife (Spain) to an icy cold Estonia and Belarus.

Investing in the future

The secret to many sporting successes lies in investing in the next generation. To this end, the best youth trainers in the Netherlands are invited to train the youth divisions. Experienced staff members support the Dynamo youth teams to bring out the best in each other. That is why Dynamo has been awarded the Jaap van Kasteel Trophy no less than four times, a prize that is annually awarded to the best performing club within the National Open Youth Championships.

Besides building a solid youth division, the club is also strongly focused on its function in society. Many club members and trainers actively counsel and teach at clinics and schools to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Active business club

The club also has an active business club: the Dynamo Business Club. Through their membership, members support top-class volleyball in Apeldoorn. Another important function is to provide a network where business owners from the region can meet. Each month, the members come together during an event organised by the board. These activities can vary from company visits, breakfast or lunch meetings and lectures to informal drinks at the Dynamo clubhouse. National and international trips are also organised.


Countries the club has played in: Italy, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium