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Divitel helps video and television services design, build, and maintain systems that deliver video content to televisions, desktops, or mobile devices. With a client portfolio spanning the entire world, this Apeldoorn-based company ensures that tens of millions of people can watch video and television every day.

The company was founded in 1996 and was one of the first companies to believe that it was possible to make video digital. "With an innovative mindset, great expertise, and a position that is independent of any technology supplier, we are unique in the world of video distribution and of great value to our global customers," says Hans Kornmann, founder and CEO of Divitel.

Video consumption is growing, and Divitel's mission is to facilitate that growth by ensuring that video platforms perform well and services can be renewed more easily and quickly, so that they can remain competitive and retain viewers. The proposition is a true game-changer through the application of a unique yet proven data-driven, automation-first approach, which enables the company to increase the operational productivity of its clients. At the same time, the efficiency and quality of television platforms are also improved, which is increasingly important in the current market situation.

Through its leadership in data and automation, the company is well positioned to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning, continue to innovate its services, and be the most beloved partner in the world for business-critical intelligent video services.

For more information, visit www.divitel.com to read about our impact or follow one of our social media channels.

Export countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Caribbean