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De Plaatijzerindustrie

De Plaatijzerindustrie BV

De Plaatijzerindustrie is a family business with a history of origins dating almost one hundred years back. The company was founded in 1920 and for years the company kept busy as a machine builder and head producer. Today the full focus is on design and production of heads.

Press and deep draw tools

De Plaatijzerindustrie can bend metal sheets, bulge, force, press and do deep drawing to spheres cq heads with a diameter varying between several centimeters up to four meters. Because of this De Plaatijzerindustrie is unique in the Netherlands, no one else has these capabilities. The company’s biggest treasure are the hundreds of stamps and molds in various diameters, which have been produced and used over the years. A previously used stamp/mold can often times be re-used for a new order. This saves tooling costs.

The plates and discs shaped by presses of 250 ton, 400 ton and 1.000 ton are usually used as tank heads. Try to imagine fertilizing-, beer-, and milk-tanks, silo’s, tank trucks, pressure vessels and distillation columns but also smaller utilities such as frying pans and firebowls. These spheroid heads are shipped to various branches. Director Van Reekum sums it up: “Offshore, shipping, agro, dairy, transport, petrochemistry and construction work; anything requiring the use of storage tanks”.

Besides tank heads bended plates/discs are also used for farm plows, firebowls for gardens or the terrace, power trowels for smoothing concrete slabs and for art projects. It’s worth noting that De Plaatijzerindustrie also supplied the heads of the dolphins of the new sea-harbor lock of IJmuiden.

Unique Stainless Steel globe

We also produce “specials” besides repetitive jobs for standard products. This is a tailor-made product that differs in size or production process. As an example Van Reekum recalls a client in the harbor of Rotterdam. This client wanted an eye-catching giant globe at the entrance of a new location. De Plaatijzerindustrie used it’s know-how to produce and place a 4 meter high globe on the Maasvlakte 2. A miniature version was given to King Willem Alexander and one copy decorates Van Reekum’s desk.

De Plaatijzerindustrie supplies standard heads from stock and client specific heads to more than 2.000 clients in numerous sectors. This reduces the vulnerability of the company when certain sectors are having a hard time. Van Reekum: “This way we are less dependent on one industrial sector.”

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic,