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Danpak International

The manufacturer of aluminium containers and trays. Danpak International B.V. established in Apeldoorn over 20 years ago. It is the first and only company in the Netherlands to engage in the production of aluminium packaging. The origin of Danpak started about 100 years ago in The Hague. Here, under Danish patent, aluminium caps were made for the old-fashioned milk bottles. Only after the move to Apeldoorn, Danpak started entirely focussing on aluminium containers and trays. The company is part of the family company Honing Beheer. The companies within the Honing Beheer Group are particularly strong in the development, design and construction of indoor climate improvement devices and systems. At the time of establishing in Apeldoorn, the production was still losing money. In the meantime, it has become a healthy company that produces approximately 400 million aluminium containers a year.

The DNA of Danpak

Thousands of aluminium containers, trays, barbecue plates, including the (in the Netherlands) well known square gold Westland Salad containers, are labelled, and packed. At Danpak experienced and driven people work with very great attention to the product, making a safe and hygienic product. This way of operation forms a common thread through the entire production process. Because directly or indirectly the end product comes into contact with food, high demands are made. Danpak adheres to all ISO and HACCP guidelines, and has been BRC-Iop certificated (grade: AA) for many years.

Aluminium is green

Nowadays it is increasingly important to make packaging more and more biodegradable and in a way Danpak leads the way. The aluminium waste is durable and can be recycled. In addition, recycling of aluminium costs 95% less energy than the original aluminium production process.

Expand the vision 

In the Netherlands, Danpak has built up a market share of around 85%, in Europe it is 3%. In the coming years, the focus is not only on maintaining the Dutch share but also seeking more outlets abroad. Currently, 40% of the production is exported to countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Chile, Peru, Switzerland and Austria.

Export countries: Europe, United States, Chile, Peru