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Marco Eijkenboom started his own drive-in disco in the early 1980s. This led to him taking up a course of study in electronics. After his traineeship, he started work full-time at the company where he had his first internship. He then took a position at one of the market leaders in professional audio equipment in the Netherlands, D&R Electronica. Since 2000, he runs his own business, DSA-AVL.

Marco’s focus has shifted more and more to all aspects of professional audio, video and (LED) lighting technology. Entertainment companies can purchase professional audio-visual equipment and various types of lighting at DSA-AVL. Over the years, they have built up an extensive solid customer base of event locations, discotheques, bowling alleys, kart tracks, deejays and other artists.  

DSA-AVL distinguishes itself through in-house technical developments such as the white bowling alley concept, LED karting with interactive karts or event saunas that provide the aufguss experience. Moreover, Marco has developed flight cases for audio equipment and particularly medical equipment that is used worldwide.

Maintenance and repair specialist

Many companies that are active in the audio market have gotten rid of the repair and maintenance departments. Since only a few players in the market have in-house expertise and know-how, more and more work comes to DSA-AVL. This development was further reinforced with the acquisition of the Benelux maintenance department at the Belgian offices of the internationally operating company, Audio Pro Heilbronn. This acquisition included the vast spare parts warehouse located at the Belgian site. Marco: ‘This turned out to be 18 2-metre-high pallets. They contained unique and almost impossible to obtain parts, sometimes 30 years old, from iconic brands such as AKG, Crown, JBL & Soundcraft.’

In late 2021, they also took over the repairs for the extremely well-known professional audio brand DATEQ, where Marco did his traineeship over 30 years ago.

International webshop

Since April 2021, DSA-AVL has its own international webshop with the url: Thousands of parts from numerous brands are posted online through the shop. The website draws many visitors from across the globe each day.

Every day, new items are added to the selection. For many suppliers, keeping older parts in stock isn’t part of their core business, so they send them to DSA-AVL. DSA-AVL takes the parts off their hands, while the companies can continue to offer service for older equipment.

Export countries: dozens of countries across all continents.