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United DJ School

From the garage next to his house and founder Chiel van Tongeren's 30 years of deejaying experience, United DJ School emerged from the idea that it was time to pass on his knowledge to others, provided it was done professionally. Since 2012, many new DJs have emerged from Apeldoorn and have also found employment through subsequent United DJ bookings!

Current business

Today, United DJ School has expanded into what you easily might call a distinctive phenomenon. That's because its online DJ training is the only one in the Netherlands (and surroundings) and one of few in the world. Through online videos, students learn all DJ basic principles and much, much more. As United DJ School is familiar with a wide range of DJ equipment, it can serve a vast target audience. And it pays off!


It's hardly surprising that the school has been internationally active for years as this market is very much internationally oriented. United DJ School's location in the Netherlands holds a significant advantage in that respect. The Netherlands is reputed to be one of the best breeding grounds for famous DJs and is one of the countries responsible for the birth of the music genre.

The first international students came from the USA, followed by students from Russia and Spain. The training United DJ School offers is also available in these languages.

Plans for the future

United DJ School is located on the Zwitsal site in Apeldoorn, where owner Chiel van Tongeren also has a unique venue for meetings, parties and gatherings. His plans to further expand the United DJ School mainly focus on Eastern Europe: Germany, Switzerland and Austria are all relatively unexploited markets, presenting many great opportunities.