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In 2009, 22-year-old Apeldoorn native Nikos van der Laan started his own telemarketing business. It seemed odd that all the major telemarketing companies were located in the western part of the country. Convinced that the market was big enough for a large provider in the east, he established Convins. Convins now has 52 employees and over 120 clients, and since its founding, the company has generated almost 10,000 qualified leads. As a result, Convins has grown into the largest B2B telemarketing agency in the Netherlands.

No cure, no pay

One important distinguishing factor is that they work on the principle: no cure, no pay. You only pay per qualified appointment; Convins invoices only when the appointment meets the agreed-upon criteria. This approach means thinking actively about the proposition you wish to adopt, which target audience should be approached, and what level and criteria an appointment needs to meet. With this concept, Convins only accepts projects that the business supports. Through this common interest, the focus lies on qualified appointments instead of as many appointments as possible. Convins makes calls in your name and with a telephone number from your business.

Many businesses appreciate this type of agreement. That’s why Convins has many longstanding relationships with its clients. These clients include well-known names such as Nestlé, HPE, BDO, BASF, and many small family businesses from the region and further afield.


What’s great is that the telemarketing services are also offered in multiple languages. Convins has native German, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, English and Spanish speakers available. For German-language calls (including Swiss and Austrian German), the company has a German office in Düsseldorf. Convins will soon be making calls in Arabic as well.

The future

Convins expects to grow steadily by building on the successes booked with existing customers. New customers often start with a small budget which is quickly increased after initial successes. For example, they once started out with an annual budget of 10,000 euros from a large manufacturing company. Today, that budget has grown into several hundreds of thousands of euros per year. Many corporate representatives are good at making face-to-face calls and gladly leave the telecommunications, which is an art in itself, up to Convins. That’s how businesses bring out the best in each other. 

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, France