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Company Fits

Company clothing could be more fashionable thought Rene de Vries. So he set up Company Fits in 2001, to produce work clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. Currently, the company employs 20 people who design and produce custom-made clothing in-house. The clothes are shipped all over the world and are being worn by more than 100,000 workers in over 60 countries.

Award-winning designs

Company Fits focuses on casual work clothing for professions that have a lot of personal contact. De Vries: “It is an art to translate company identity into a quality clothing line that is comfortable and long-lasting. Companies enhance their brand experience through our clothing, so we invest a lot of time in the design process. We handle production and can unburden customers of all logistics.”

Company Fits’ success is proven by repeatedly winning categories at the Corporate Fashion Awards. Last year it won with its clothing line for Lely International (known for its milking robot). Farmers in more than 60 countries now wear a fashion line designed by Company Fits. These even include T-shirts made of 20% milk-fibre. Other businesses that Company Fits supplies extensively are retail chains (such as Action Europe), large hairdressing groups, pharmacies and cinemas.

Future ambition

Steady growth is Company Fits’ ambition. De Vries: “I strongly believe in continuously doing your best for your existing clients. Growth comes naturally from that. This works well for us. There is a developing market in clothing for hospital and home-care personnel. We have developed a unique line made from durable, 4-way-stretch material with a special anti-bacterial finish that masks any odour from sweat. The first hospital has been supplied and more will follow.”

In the factories in Bangladesh and Turkey, Company Fits has started collaborating with Unicef. “Through the Better Business for Children programme we spotlight local problems. We are striving to provide more childcare facilities for working parents, improve women’s rights and increase opportunities to support and train school leavers, geared to local demand.

“Corporate social responsibility is very important to us. All our clothing is produced honestly and sustainably. We are also taking serious steps to return and recycle clothing. A lot is now being made from recycled cotton and polyester”.

Export countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Germany, England, Dutch Antilles, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and, indirectly, to more than 60 other countries worldwide.