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Clevertouch is part of the British concern Sahara Ltd, a renowned distributor of AV equipment in the UK for over a quarter of a century. The originally British touch screen manufacturer recently merged with the American company Boxlight Inc. Clevertouch provides information technology to business and develops innovative IT solutions for B2B and educational applications. The brand name Clevertouch was established in 2009; today, the company has an annual revenue of 150 million euros to its name. Clevertouch is active in over 70 countries with 195 employees across the globe.

European distribution centre

With Brexit looming on the horizon, Clevertouch felt the need to move distribution operations to the European mainland. Nick Pietza was already active in the AV branch when Clevertouch asked him to set up a European distribution centre. Nick, born and raised in Apeldoorn, suggested Apeldoorn as a potential site, both for its excellent road connections and the convenient fact that it was close to home for Nick.

In record time, a little over a year, the company had found a distribution partner for the warehousing of over 3500 touchscreens in every imaginable shape and size. All the European branches and resellers of Clevertouch throughout Europe were approached and subsequently serviced from Apeldoorn for everything from order processing to customer service to logistics.

The Netherlands and UK: leaders in interactive whiteboards

The sales organisation for the Dutch and Belgian market moved to Apeldoorn with the establishment of the European distribution centre. Until then, both countries were only marginally serviced from the UK, which is striking, considering that interactive whiteboards and touch screens play a prominent role in educational institutions as well as businesses and government institutions in the Netherlands. Together with the UK, the Netherlands is leading in Europe in that respect. Where the company used to be a relatively unknown player in the market, Clevertouch now holds an 8% market share (in a market with 26 different suppliers). The ambition for the coming years is to grow into one of the top three suppliers. In 2020, the business achieved a revenue increase of 100%, and they’re expected to do so again in 2021.

Distinguishing factor

Clevertouch’s touch screens have received multiple awards for user-friendliness, safety and seamless integration into systems and processes. With formats varying from 55” to 98”, options for a PC or tablet mode, breathtaking crystal-clear 4K resolution, seven-year warranty support and the lowest breakdown percentage in the market, Clevertouch touch screens are a desirable option for many organisations and educational institutions.


Export countries: 74 countries worldwide.