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The municipalities of Apeldoorn, Brummen, Deventer, Epe, Lochem, Voorst and Zutphen work in the Cleantech Region on a clean future together with entrepreneurs, education and research. This way, the region heads towards a sustainable economy and society. A clean future, where energy neutrality is the tip of the spear and economy and ecology go hand in hand.

Cleantech stands for ‘more with less’. More productivity, more jobs and more efficiency. With reduced energy consumption, less wasting of raw materials and lower impact on the environment.

Cleantech goes beyond technology

According to the ‘letter of the Law’, Cleantech stands for clean technologies that contribute to a sustainable world. The Cleantech Region has a broader translation for it. Cleantech stands for the way in which the region deals with mobility and the quality of life in cities and villages.

Cleantech is not a sector but a way of life and work. In all sectors: in energy supply, transportation, water, air and the environment, in the use of new materials, applications in manufacturing, agriculture, and the reuse from waste to raw material. Cleantech is the common thread between all domains and sectors.

Why is this region THE Cleantech Region?

In this region, inhabitants and companies have an above-average commitment to sustainable production and services, and to achieving energy neutrality. The initiatives come from among the inhabitants and organisations in the region and are not ‘enforced’ from above. Through the cooperation of entrepreneurs, education, research and governments, initiatives are facilitated and also developed.

The business climate has a central position in this. And the region is comprehensively committed to it. It is about the business climate for existing inhabitants and newcomers, for existing companies and companies that want to establish themselves here, for students and for people who have or are going to search for a job here.