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Keep your business moving with CARGO

Cargo International believes in open borders. With an open mind and our personal approach, we do everything we can to remove barriers so that your business runs as smoothly as possible. With our extensive knowledge, over 25 years of experience and enthusiasm, we see opportunities where others see limitations and we exceed expectations.

Automotive, import and export

Our employees will always help you personally with everything in the field of automotive, import and export of vehicles and other goods. Whether it concerns the RDW services, customs matters, export documentation or the international shipping of goods: we take care of the paperwork, administration and everything related to laws and regulations.

CARGO Services – our app

Want to do these things yourself quickly and clearly? Then our CARGO Services app is a useful tool. And do you still need us? Then we are there for you.

Advertising module

The CARGO Services app makes advertising your cars and other vehicles very easy. With our advertising module you can put vehicles from your company stock directly online.


Transporting vehicles is a profession. And we know that at CARGO. That is why we always provide customized transport. So you can be sure that everything is well organized.

Website and hosting

Research shows that having your own website is of great added value when selling vehicles. CARGO builds and hosts effective and easy to manage websites for the automotive industry.

Temporary license plates

Do you need a temporary license plate for the export or import of your vehicle? At CARGO we know exactly which license plate is suitable for your situation. In addition to temporary license plates for the Netherlands, we also arrange this from Germany and Austria.

Export countries: worldwide