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Car-go International

Cargo is a family business that has been an independent and specialized partner for import and export services for 24 years. A team of 50 employees derives businesses in these areas by focusing heavily on IT. In the Cargo self-developed internet environment, customers can log in and arrange all import and export business for their company. Should the shipment of goods thereafter also be arranged? Then Cargo can help with that as well.

Strong in the automotive sector

Cargo has a strong market position in the automotive sector. Both private individuals and businesses can request Cargo’s services through the website. Businesses can log in to access RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) services and arrange the import and export of their vehicles themselves. In addition, Cargo has also developed an online advertising platform for the sale of cars. With this system, car dealers can easily post photos and a matching description, which is then forwarded to some 100 online sales portals for a quick sale. Each year, about 250,000 cars change owners through this platform.


With their comprehensive knowledge of laws and regulations and their in-house calculation methods, Cargo specialises in supporting importers, dealers, independent garages and individuals with the correct import procedures. Their extensive customs application is also specialised in export, making it a highly suitable and versatile system for this type of application - and not just for the automotive sector.

Proud on customer trust

Owner Claudia Bakkenes is most proud of the fact that through their IT applications, they are able to help businesses grow.

Export countries: the whole world with a strong position in (Eastern) Europe, West and East Africa, Middle East and South America