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Buchem BV is a rapidly growing technology business that focuses on three core fields of expertise: TENAX®, products labelled with stable isotopes, and thirdly, a unique customised manufacturing model for the latest innovative products.

Buchem BV is the only producer in the world for a unique porous polymer, TENAX® which is being used to catch and analyze volatile organic components. This product is being used worldwide, through ISO regulation, to test if working environments for people are healthy, or if the air contains too many wrong components. This can be the case in the automobile industry, on industrial parks, but also in spaces where people are locked together for a long period, such as submarines and space crafts. To that end, the material was used in NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover

Rapid growth through extensive technological and chemical expertise

Buchem also produces stable isotopes besides Tenax which, for example, are used in Academic hospitals and research laboratories. Buchem is also distributer of CIL-isotopes (CIL: Cambridge Isotope Laboratories). The company also manufactures stable isotope-labelled vitamins, including stable isotope-labelled vitamin A. Besides the main office in Apeldoorn, Buchem has a regional office in Leiden. The company was acquired in 2014 by the current owner, Mr Aelmans. More than 20 employees work at the company, and that number continues to grow. The business is growing rapidly, driven by the quality combination of technological and chemical expertise. Buchem has two sister companies in Switzerland that fall under the same ownership (Swant AG and ReseaChem GmbH). The group also continues to grow through further acquisition.

Buchem increasingly applies its expertise to develop new technologies for businesses. At the Apeldoorn premises, multinationals and strong innovative growth companies can create and develop unique products for their clients. This is the fastest growing area within Buchem. For example, Buchem has a growing customer base for whom it produces products such as medical devices that are unique in the world.

More than 90% of the total production is exported. The most important export regions are: The US, the EU and China/Japan/South Korea

The company’s client base includes academic hospitals, chemical multinationals, and research institutions, but mainly consists of growth companies that have moved beyond the start-up phase and need help producing their, often highly innovative, products. Buchem acquires new customers when this type of client comes to Buchem asking for a solution for a particular issue. In addition, Buchem is often an active participant in conferences to make new researchers aware of what they have to offer.

Export countries: US/Canada, EU and China/Japan/South Korea.