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Brummel Projectinrichters | Kim Meuleman, Ben Meuleman en Mick Meuleman


Brummel Projectinrichters

The new way of working is on the rise, not only in the Netherlands, but also outside. Lockers are included in the new working, in which the employee can store his valuable documents. Brummel Projectinrichters from Apeldoorn produces lockers, which in fact go abroad as a kind of building kit, especially to Germany and Belgium, to be placed in offices there.

The locker as an export product

Brummel works closely with software suppliers and lock manufacturers for their lockers. They export lockers with electronic access locks, for example. It is also possible to open lockers with an app, your mobile phone, or a tag. The lockers have been installed at companies such as Accenture in Germany, Deloitte in France, and Vodafone in New Zealand. The latest development is the use of recycled lockers which is not only sustainable, but also cheaper.

Brummel Projectinrichters has been in existence since 1972.  Brummel takes care of the entire interior design process, from design to realisation. They are active in the care, funeral, and education sectors. Brummel uses the ‘one-stop shop’ approach; everything under one roof, from design to execution and from coordination to styling.

Today, the business has grown into a family business; Kim and Mick Meuleman have joined the business, ensuring the continuity of the company for years to come. Fifteen employees work at Brummel, responsible for an annual revenue of some 1.5 million euros. About 90% of that revenue is realised in the Netherlands. The remaining 10% comes from projects abroad, particularly Germany and Belgium. Ben Meuleman, the director of Brummel Projectinrichters, expects the export to double from 10 to 20% over the next few years. “The lockers can be implemented in far more locations than just flexible workspaces, such as in museums, stadiums, sports accommodations, saunas - in fact, any public space in any country. That’s why the export will definitely increase in the coming years.”

Export countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg & Bonaire