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For nearly 45 years Bordex has been a leading, innovative, marketing and sales organization in the field of food packaging. All its products are conceived and designed so they are easy to use. fast and cheap to produce, and sustainable.  Production is outsourced to partners close to the customer.  Managing Director Bert Hengeveld: “We supply large food producers in Western Europe. This varies from plastic cups for large-scale events, to containers for cherry tomatoes, salads or ready-meals, to meat packaging for supermarkets. The products are often supplied in large quantities, per truckload.”  One special Bordex product is its printed, foil seal for packaging airline meals: “We handle this specialism very well. I can say that we are unique in the world which is why we supply more than 60 million meal containers a year to 16 airline companies”.

Greenest packaging in the Benelux

Bordex is developing more and more mono-material packaging; containers are produced in one sort of plastic so they can be collected and returned to the source for re-use or recycling. With its partners, Bordex is setting up this type of return system for many of its customers and is leading the market in this field.

The latest product is PressurePack microwave packaging. This novel concept features an air valve on the rim of the tray, that ensures a controlled build-up of pressure when filling, heating or cooking meals. The system, which has a worldwide patent, steams meals and guarantees maximum taste retention and crunch.  An additional benefit is that it weighs 20% less. PressurePack is attracting immense interest from the trade.   

 Recycling PET-cups

At large concerts, Bordex and Its partners collect the used plastic cups and make them suitable for re-use. “The material we use to make our cups is eminently suitable for re-use. In a year we deliver 150 million cups, so there is a lot of scope for environmental benefits. Together with our partner Grolsch, we want to roll this out in football stadiums”. The future looks bright, thanks to innovations. “The aim is to have a dealer network covering the whole of Europe within a few years. Also, we want to be the most sustainable packaging company in our sector in the Benelux.”

Export countries: Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Surinam.