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Healing complex wounds. Complex wounds that do not heal affect about 500.000 people a year. This problem often affects patients with diabetes, but other people have chronic open wounds too. Most heal eventually with proper care, but for the 10% of them that do not, BiologiQ products are there.      

BiologiQ started in 2004, selling innovative, wound care products that activate the regenerative ability of the body. The medical supplies company functions as a distributor, so it buys and markets goods produced by international pharmacies and laboratories. The product range covers the total healing process: cleansing the wound, preventing infection and closing the wound. They make use of bioactive compounds. The addition of oxygen also plays an important role when applying these remedies. BiologiQ’s state-of-the-art products fall into a higher-end segment than regular dressings; instruction and schooling are needed to use them properly. For this reason BiologiQ occupies a niche position.   Besides BiologiQ Nederland, there is BiologiQ International, set up in 2012, which supplies Aldanex. This product is used to prevent and heal incontinence-related wounds. It is sold in twelve European countries including Belgium, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy and the Scandinavian nations. Sales are managed by specialized local distributors in the respective countries. “Taking part in international events and conventions forges new contacts and broadens our network, enabling me to find distributors who really have a connection with our products and want to sell them,” according to Managing Director Hans Willemsen. Aldanex is used for the treatment of incontinence-related damage, predominantly in elderly patients.

A few years BiologiQ launched a website that focuses on products for babies. They also suffer from incontinence-related damage, similar to the wounds seen in the elderly, but in this case because they are not toilet-trained. In the next few years Willemsen expects BiologiQ to play a more important role in the nappies market.  BiologiQ and BiologiQ International.employ four employees besides Hans Willemsen.  

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy and the Scandinavian nations.